Travel buying A/B/C

In travel buying A/B/C, everything revolves around optimising direct travel costs (flight, hotel, rental car, rail, travel agency). Our analytical and benchmark database TRENDY? lies at the heart of our system. The letters A/B/C represent our approach and stand for analysis, benchmarking and controlling.

A: In our analyses, we examine the travel structure and travel behaviour (“footprint”). Using indicators (e.g. PriceIndicatorsFlight, PIF®), we find correlations between structure and price level.

B: We compare the results of the analysis (status quo) to the market (Benchmarking) and in this way determine any scope for savings. Together with our clients, we realise the potential savings and also allow ourselves to be measured by the results.

C: After the analysis and optimisation, the Controlling phase begins. Our task is to monitor the buying successes achieved on an ongoing basis.

Objective: Establish a sustainable efficient travel buying system in line with market services and conditions.