Personal, dedicated and systematic.

Feisel Consulting is a renowned consultancy that has specialised in the sustained reduction of business travel costs.

Our strength lies in the structured, analytical approach we take and the ability to get to the heart of complex matters and deliver successful results.

The Feisel Consulting team has in-depth expertise and market know-how and creates customised solutions. We address the challenges with huge commitment and take a goal-oriented approach.

We proceed systematically.

With our independent analysis and benchmark database (TRENDY?) that serves to measure and optimise travel buying and to find a suitable benchmark partner, we set new standards. In addition, our database-supported KPI systems (PriceIndicatorsFlight; PIF®) have formed the basis for travel buying A/B/C (analysis, benchmarking and controlling).

A large number of well-known companies of all sizes and from all sectors profit from our know-how (references).

TRENDY – analysis and benchmark database

Working closely with a reputable IT consultancy, Feisel Consulting has developed TRENDY, a unique database to analyse flight buying and highlight valid benchmarks & trends (BE TRENDY).

One particular feature is the clustering of the client’s budget according to predefined criteria to ensure that apples are not compared with oranges.

A further characteristic is the assessment of trips (not tickets), which is crucially important when it comes to calculating average prices. The indicators stored in the database (PriceIndicatorsFlight; PIF®) also enable us to create an individual “footprint” (travel structure/travel behaviour), which plays a key role in the search for a suitable benchmark partner (BE MY PARTNER).


TRENDY – more than a database. We set trends!

Data quality

High data requirements and the ongoing review of the standards are our hallmarks.

Data enrichment

The assessment of trips (not tickets) makes it possible to determine prices correctly.

KPI matrix

The PriceIndicatorsFlight ratio system (PIF®) delivers the “footprint” and creates transparency.

Flight database with clusters

The clustering of the travel budget forms the basis for valid benchmarking.


TRENDY is the platform and basic tool for many of Feisel Consulting’s services


TRENDY creates transparency, pinpoints potential savings, delivers KPIs and benchmarks.