Feisel Consulting – established, committed and focused on results.

Feisel Consulting has been firmly established in the market for many years and specializes in optimizing travel expenses and permanently reducing them.

With our extensive technical expertise and profound knowledge of the markets, we devise solutions that are both efficient and customized. With our focus on the goals and huge personal commitment we face up to the challenges.

Our strength is our structured approach and ability to cut through complex issues to the essentials combined with our communication skills and ability to deliver results.

Success consists of
having the right skills
when they are needed.

— Henry Ford

Liane Feisel, founder and managing director
Liane Feisel, founder and managing director

“Modern travel management is
digital, efficient and caring.”


Today, we view it as a fundamental requirement to digitalize the overall travel process and, if possible, capture it in systems end-to-end, in other words from travel planning, booking and payment to travel expense reporting.


In our opinion, it is extremely important to achieve a healthy balance between the costs and benefits of the jointly developed plans and established processes and that investments in suitable partners and systems actually pay off.


We are convinced that travel management needs the “human touch” more than ever before. A digital solution supports the process but does not replace the need to care for people. Caring for the traveler before, during and after the trip means much more than the legal duty of care.