Process Optimization / Digitalization

Our approach is as follows:

  • Recording and analyzing the current process
    We record the entire process chain embracing travel planning, trip booking, payment, the trip, expense settlement and reporting and review it. With the aid of benchmarking, we highlight the potential for savings and improvements.
  • Developing a target concept – from the current to the desired result
    We work with you to create a suitable target concept incorporating current e-solutions (e.g., online booking engine; end-to-end solutions; travel expense management systems).
  • Selecting partners
    We can help you draw up invitations to tender and select partners and systems that are suited to the target process.
  • Implementation (project and change management)
    With our expertise and experience we then support you implement the new process.

Goal: Design and establish a digital and efficient travel process (ideally end-to-end process).